30302 Semantics and Pragmatics 2

Greg Kobele; email
Time and location
MW 1:30PM-2:50PM, Rosenwald 208

This is the second course in the first-year graduate sequence in semantics and pragmatics, designed to introduce students to the core principles and empirical issues addressed by formal semantics and to familiarize them with the analytical tools involved in the investigation of this domain. The focus of this class is truth-conditional aspects of meaning and the compositional interpretation of phrases and sentences. Students will develop skills in semantic analysis and argumentation by focusing on semantic questions that arise in the analysis of a range of different phenomena, including argument structure, coordination, quantification, binding and anaphora.

Class Material

Schedule Lecture schedule
Resources Other course resources

Course Information

Lectures MW 1:30-2:50, RO 208
Office Hours by appointment
Notes Notes and papers will be handed out.
Grading 40% Homework, 40% Participation, 20% Final.
Homework Homework will be assigned after Wednesday's class, and must be submitted before class on Monday.
Exams A take-home final will be distributed in the tenth week

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