Gallagher Flinn

Gallagher Flinn
The University of Chicago

I'm a PhD candidate
at the University of Chicago
Department of Linguistics.

gflinn [at] uchicago [.] edu

Department of Linguistics
1115 E. 58th St.
Rosenwald Hall Room 224
Chicago, IL. 60637

CV Projects Teaching

My dissertation is on the structure of the Georgian verb. The project analyzes Georgian's three-way case alignment system, its split ergativity, and the nature of Georgian's inverse verb forms.

I'm interested in:
  • Kartvelian Languages
  • Agreement
  • Ergativity
  • Language universals
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Historical semantics
  • Information theory

  • I've also built a (sort of!) easy-to-use Georgian-English online dictionary and morphological analyzer that you can find here. For a native English speaker like me, finding a word in a Georgian-English dictionary is extremely slow unless you already know what you're looking for, and one of the difficulties in using Georgian reference materials is that lemmas are frustratingly difficult to pin down because a given root can appear in hundreds of different verb forms depending on person, number, screeve, verb class, the weather, etc. Right now I've got about 30,000 entries (all verbs) from Donald Rayfield's 2006 Comprehensive Georgian English Dictionary, but I'll be adding more continuously, as well as more sophisticated analytical tools. I also have an online implementation of a script that graphs data from Google Books in count form as opposed to frequency, as Google Ngrams does. This project is also under development but can be found here.