Fall 2006
Professor Gary S. Becker
Professor Kevin M. Murphy

This page contains material and announcements relevant for the course. Please check it regularly as it will be updated constantly with new information (eg. pset news, class schedule, canceled classes, etc.)

Latest Announcements



  • Please staple each question of your problem sets separately


  • Reading list posted


Prof. Becker and Prof. Murphy will teach the first 5 weeks of the quarter. Grading for their part of the course will be based upon 3 problem sets and a midterm exam.

If you decide that you want to take the class for an R, please contact the teaching assistants and Prof. Becker's secretary, Sandy Wesolowski.


Class meets Tuesdays and Thursday,  from 1:30-3:00 in Stuart 105

Office Hours:

  • Priscilla: 12-1 pm Thursday
  • Matias: 3-4 pm Wednesday
  • Lee: 5-6 pm Tuesday

For questions, contact any of the TAs