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"Gary S. Becker is writing his last Economic Viewpoint column this week. We will sorely
miss him. Becker is one of the most original economists of our time, and his thoughtful,
conservative voice stands out in an era of shouting, partisan ideologues. The 1992 Nobel
prize winner and University of Chicago professor is always the gentleman -- but one
willing to brave criticism from all quarters by taking unpopular positions." 

Stephen B. Shepard, Editor-in-Chief, BusinessWeek - July 12, 2004 - Read Complete Article

"I have enjoyed many aspects of writing these columns, but the most rewarding surely has
been the interaction with readers through letters, e-mails, and personal contacts. Some
readers have indicated that I opened their eyes to the deeper effects of different policies,
while others have disagreed, occasionally in strong language. But I always felt there was
an ongoing dialogue, and there is nothing more satisfying to a writer." 

Gary S. Becker - July 12, 2004 - Read Complete Article

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" Until 1985, I had published only technical books and technical articles in professional journals. At that time, I was surprised by being asked to write a monthly column for Business Week magazine. Since I feared that I could not write for a general audience, I was inclined to turn the offer down. Finally, however, I agreed to do some columns on an experimental basis. It was a wise decision, for I was forced to learn how to write about economic and social issues without using technical jargon, and in about 800 words per column. Doing this has enormously improved my capacity to discuss important subjects briefly and in simple language. The pressure of having to do a column every month also makes me stay abreast of many subjects that interest the business and professional readers of the magazine." 

Gary S. Becker
From Les Prix Nobel 1992.

The columns up to the summer of 1996 are collected in The Economics of Life, by Gary Becker and Guity Nashat Becker (McGraw-Hill 1996).
"In The Economics of Life, Gary Becker and historian Guity Nashat have collected the best of economist's popular work from his monthly Business Week column along with introductions that bring each topic into present-day focus."