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University Professor
Department of Economics
and Sociology
Graduate School of Business 
The University of Chicago


 BusinessWeek Articles:


A Political Case for Social Security Reform
February 15, 2005
The Wall Street Journal 

...And the Economics of Disaster Management
January 4, 2005
The Wall Street Journal 


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 Recent Books:


Social Economics
with Kevin M. Murphy

The Economics of Life
with Guity Nashat




Senior Fellow
Hoover Institution
Stanford University

Research Associate
Economics Research Center
National Opinion Research Center


Curriculum Vitae


 Working Papers:

Evolutionary Efficiency and Mean Reversion in Happiness
with Luis Rayo

Will be forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy.  Please contact the authors for a copy

The Economics Theory of Illegal Goods: The Case of Drugs
with Michael Grossman and Kevin M. Murphy - Full Text in PDF

Introducing Incentives in the Market for Live and Cadaveric Organ Donations
with Julio J. Elias - Full Text in PDF

Recently Published Papers:

The Quantity and Quality of Life and the Evolution of World Inequality
with Tomas Philipson and Rodrigo Soares - American Economic Review: March 2005 Full Text in PDF

The Equilibrium Distribution of Income and the Market for Status
with Kevin M. Murphy and Iván Werning - The Journal of Political Economy:
April 2005


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