Emily A. Hanink
Emily A. Hanink
The University of Chicago

Papers & Talks

Welcome! I'm a PhD candidate in the University of Chicago Department of Linguistics.
I am currently at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as a Fulbright graduate fellow.

Contact me at: eahanink [at] uchicago [.] edu

My research focuses on syntax and its interfaces.

Broadly speaking, my work investigates DP structure and the syntax of subordination. My dissertation examines the interaction between anaphora and clausal modification through the lens of the modifier same, taking morphosyntactic clues from German as a starting point for the investigation. I also conduct fieldwork on Washo, a highly endangered Native American isolate spoken around Lake Tahoe in CA/NV.

Some topics I enjoy working on are:
  • Relative and equative clauses
  • Subordination and clausal nominalization
  • Cross-clausal dependencies
  • Variation in the structure of definite articles and pronouns
  • DP agreement and concord

News and upcoming presentations:

  • LSA 92 (Salt Lake City): Post-syntactic inflection of the German degree phrase
  • Selection Fest 2017 (Berlin): Encoding equation through two types of selection
  • Selection Fest 2017 (Berlin): Selection and complement clause size in Washo (with Ryan Bochnak)
  • CSSP (Paris): "Like", hedging and mirativity. A unified account (with Andrea Beltrama)
  • NELS 48 (Reykjavík): Switch reference in Washo as multiple subject agreement (with Karlos Arregi)