Hello those in need of winter quarter housing,


I am sending this to students studying abroad in hopes than someone still needs a place to live winter quarter. I am going to be studying abroad myself and would like to find someone to take my spot while I am gone. Maybe itíll be you.


First, the basics: I am subletting a single room in an apartment with three other guys (more on them in a moment) located near the corner of 54th and Ellis (5466 S Ellis to be exact). I plan on leaving the room furnished with a big desk, a queen size bed, a dresser and shelf (for a picture of the room, go to http://home.uchicago.edu/~chandler/bedroom3).There are two bathrooms in the apartment, so you would be sharing a bathroom with one other person. In addition, the apartment has a large living room, a sunroom, two record players, an ample kitchen a back porch (not that youíll be using much of it in the middle of the winter), numerous movies and plenty of plants. Iím looking for $350/month for the room.


Iíve been asked by my roommates to include a little about them in hopes of finding a subleter who best matches their personalities. Youíd be sharing an apartment with Mike Cardarelli (a fourth year anthro major who is increasingly fed up with school but is hilariously sarcastic about it), Andy Martin (a third year from Minnesota with the height to prove it and an almost unquenchable passion for frozen meat products) and Martin Samuels (also a third year, a bio kid living in the modern era but somehow musically stuck in the 1980ís Prog-Rock scene). All are nice guys but not the quietest bunch you have ever met. The place is not extraordinarily loud (itís a third floor apartment, limiting neighbor noise) but we do play music virtually all the time. Also, we have people stopping over quite frequently so you are not going to get much privacy unless you go in your room and shut the door. Other things to know about the apartment:we have lots of maps. We listen to a lot of music (post-punk and indie stuff, mostly). We have two record players that you can play your (and our) vinyl on. We get free cable. Andy's from Minnesota and Mike's from Massachusetts, so we like hockey.We stay up late (real late) so youíll have plenty of company when you canít sleep and we live close to campus (real close) so you won't freeze walking to school. We also try to get out around the city as much as possible, especially venturing out to authentic Chicago food (i.e., Mannyís Deli in the south loop and El Famous Burrito on north, north Clark). Overall, this is a very lively and fun apartment to live in; if youíre not looking for fun you may be looking in the wrong place.


If you are still interested, contact me with any questions that you may have. I can direct you towards more pictures of the place if you would like and could even persuade Mike/Andy/Marty to send you an e-mail so that you can get another opinion on the place if you would like.


Please let me know if you 5466 sounds like the right place for you this winter,

-Ben Chandler


P.S. If you know anyone else who needs a place for the winter but didnít get this e-mail, please feel free to forward it. I am working with an old list, and it may not have all the correct people.