Cream Cheese Week '99

and so begins 'cream cheese week '99' here at 5466. we went to sam's club the first week of school and bought 6 ackages of cream cheese for some absurdly low price. recently we realized that we were only part way into package #3 and the whole lot is destined to expire december 20th. so, we decided that the only logical response would be to try and eat as much cream cheese as possible over the next week. i just returned home form the grocery store with various forms of cream cheese eating conveyances, including but not limited to: bagels, crackers, ruffles and one jalapeno. here we come philadelphia.


the six pack from whence the cream cheese came

box #3 is finished off by pretzels

mike and rebecca relish in their cream cheese exploits (although rebecca was reluctant at first, she eventually got into the cream cheese spirit