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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

in other news, we're showing a great "double feature" of sorts tonight at doc. 7pm is deep throat followed by a sneak preview of mean girls at 9:30.


so, i have reinvented pictures, and i'm going to try and start putting them back on this page. a few weeks ago, a bunch of us went to the white sox opening day. unlike today, it was 35 degrees outside and as a result i think i developed pnemonia. i guess that those are the breaks. the game was fun, consumed the requisite nachos and hoped that all the players on both teams would somehow get hurt (sox v royals). here is a photo of margaret and lucy. andy (not martin, marsh-a-something that i can't spell) is hiding behind lucy's hair.

but, the best part of the game was the drunken fans around us. a guy behind us threw popcorn at a guy in front of us, causing a near fight and some of the worst logic i have ever seen, including, "do you see any popcorn around me?" as guy stands in a pile of popcorn. then there was the self appointed leader of our section. he ruled pretty good.

notice that he looks exactly like the lead singer from creed.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

at the risk of being one of those blogs that just links a bunch of online articles (sorry guys, but you know it's true), here is a great piece on those damn erectile disfunction ads that are all over the television (and boy oh boy, i can't wait to watch the hits to this website climb now that i've used ED in print). anyway, the author takes a good look at viagra, levitra (ie, the one where a big, dirty tire swing represents a vagina) and others. i just wish he had also mentioned enzyte, the one that has campy, fifties looking people smiling about the size of the husband's penis. this is not a real drug, but is being marketed so cleverly that people think it is. this stuff is on the same level as the crap that ron jeremy markets on late night tv (and don't tell me you've never seen the infomercial). i'd say more, but just read the article.

mike and andy and mike and becky and i all watched far and away the other night on tv. if you want bad irish accents, bare knuckle boxing and a mad rush into the center of the county to claim land, then this is the movie for you. i'm so glad that this stupid ba is complete.

there was rumor that the 57th street subway is giving away free subs today. i don't know about the validity of this, but i'm going to make some calls and check it out (i can almost hear pete and chris groan at the thought of subway). that's all i got for now. possibly more later. possibly not.

Friday, April 09, 2004

my ba thesis is all done (and a whole 10 hours early), please give me my degree.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

things that are some bullshit:

*this ba of mine
*the fact that it is due in 6 days
*the pain centered behind my eyes that makes it feel as though the may pop from my skull at any moment
*daylight savings time
*more specifically, the fact that i have one less hour to sleep between tonight and tomorrow
*36 degree weather
*the pain in my foot caused by last nights kicking of a champagne bottle that was laying in the middle of the street
sorry, i needed to get that out. at least i get to watch girl 6 tomorrow, and for that i am grateful.

Friday, April 02, 2004

yesterday: went to class, ate some humus for lunch, went to doc for twelve hours where i helped a guy install a digital projector, set everything up, organized this chicago international documentary festival thing, got dressed up, drank a bunch of free wine with no food 'cause it was all meat, watched a accordion band do things you never imagined an accordion could do, fell asleep in the booth while projecting, woke up, finished projecting, packed all the equiptment up and made it home by midnight. god damn it. on the agenda for today: shooting my self in the foot, ba style, preceded by an egg sandwich.