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Saturday, February 21, 2004

short story long: i had to help clear about a bunch of old junk for doc this morning, including 20-30 large, heavy boxes of old calendars. what more, they had to be all dumped in this giant dumpster that stood over 8 feet high. as a result, i had to stand on a stool and heave each box up and over my head and into this monstrous dumpster. for those of you in the know (are the kids still saying that one?), it was like doing military press for almost an hour. now my back/neck/head/dignity is killing me.

going to a punk rock party tonight. you should too. hopefully it won't disappoint. my bet is that it just might. but then again, who am i to make bets? last night i bet on man in the long jump and beast in the hanging contest.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

so, ben, are you going to actually begin writing this ba thing?
um...i guess.
well, the rough draft is due on sunday and even though your teacher is also in your fantasy baseball league, you still need to get something done.
yes, i know, but beginning is the hardest part. and finishing.
and the middle part.
i'm fucked.

Monday, February 16, 2004

come on canada, please. it's okay to laugh at yourself once and a while.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

have you found this site by accident? were you looking for the politician from kentucky with the same name? well, don't go away, hear me out. if you DID happen to stumble across this site (it is currently #3 when one searches for "ben chandler" on google) i have one small request: could you please find a way to get me a "ben chandler for congress" yard sign? my e-mail address is located right over there ( <--- ), contact me and i'll even pay to have it sent up here to chicago. okay, that's all. thanks for your time.

well, long story short: i tried to go to minneapolis to visit lindsay on thursday (i can feel lindsay smacking me in the back of the head. "i live in st. paul," she says. yes, yes, i know. maybe if you grew up in minneapolis you'd realize that it's still hard for me to except that it's a real and different city). made it to rockford, il, where my car crapped out on me, dying on the side of the highway. i sat in a bowling alley bar for 4 hours waiting for my dad to drive down with my uncle's truck and tow me back to milwaukee. i did get to watch two episodes of extreme makeover in the bar. then, sat around most of the weekend in wauwatosa. my car's still not fixed (needs a new fuel pump) and i'm taking the train back to chicago tomorrow afternoon.

could this weekend get worse? yes, yes it can/did. i need a little happiness, right now. i never thought i'd say this, but being in south africa, eating dinner seated at a bar and watching "the ring" in the theater was a better valentine's day than this one.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

band of the moment (in my head): television. why don't more people know about them?

as you can tell by the ammount of posts, i have a mid-term tomorrow. not that i have begun to study for it. oh no. lindsay's coming tomorrow, that's good. it's snowing, i have said mid-term tomorrow and then i think i have to go do some research at the library downtown, that's bad. come on good, i need you to be here real soon.

update: does television sound a little like queen?

is anyone from kentucky? here's the deal: as mentioned earlier, (see below) ben chandler is running for congress in kentucky. i received an e-mail from their office stating that they will happily send me a yard sign and bumper sticker free of charge. the only problem is that i live in chicago and i don't think they'll send me one out of state to advertise their campaign to people who will not be voting. so, if anyone is from kentucky or knows someone who lives in kentucky, let me know so i can have the material sent to them. then, i will pay to have the sign mailed to me. thank you all for your help.

come on kentucky!

i've been saying it for years: it all comes down to wisconsin.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

so, my esteemed namesake is at it again. after losing his bid for governor in 2003, ben chandler is now running for congress. my simple request to those reading this page: please find a way to get me a ben chandler for governor yard sign and bumper sticker! i already sent an e-mail to the campaign headquarters requesting information on purchasing a yard sign, and we'll see if they get back to me. in the meantime, i need your help. thank you.