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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

i may be done with this whole blogging thing for a while. it all seems more trouble than it's worth.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

all of this courtesy of margaret:

i don't know if i find this funny or really creepy. lindsay somehow made it onto this page. look way down on the bottom, in the right hand sidebar, under the list of blogs by university of chicago people. i have no idea how she made it on here (for that matter, i don't know why my blog is on the list). does dating me for four years somehow count as attending the school? the only thing i can think of is that someone saw some reference to us dating on my page and assumed she must go to school here. but even that doesn't make sense. can anyone answer this puzzle of mine?

Monday, December 08, 2003

report from five minutes ago:

this guy walked into the lab with headphones on so loud i could hear them as he sat down on the other side of the room. i calmly walked over and asked the guy to turn his music down. he then turned to look at me, slammed the stop button on his discman, squinted his beady eyes and proceeded to stare into my soul. i of course got mad, yelled something about him not being the only one in the lab, and went back to my seat as he just looked at me. what an asshole. some people are amazing.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

remember kids: when trying to double your money in poker with a full house, better full houses can beat you. also remember that mario kart can make the pain of losing go away quickly.

Friday, December 05, 2003

in the midst of my neo-con rant (see below) i forgot to mention the wierd part of the past few days. two (similar) instances:

yesterday i was sitting in the library waiting for my teacher with whom i had a meeting (it perhaps should be unnecessarily noted here that my teacher is involved in a fantasy football league with three members of my apartment (but not me). i think that violates some sort of code. maybe not). while sitting in the lobby of the library, i sneezed. if any of you know me, you'll understand that my sneeze can be a little odd sounding, likened to yoshi expelling things from his mouth in the mario games. anyway, as i sneezed, a middle age woman walked by, smiled at me, turned around, squatted down next to the chair i was sitting in and asked, "in english, when someone says 'i have so much going on i am losing my head this period,' what does this mean?" she then sat there for a good three minutes as i tried to hobble together some sort of answer. what the fuck? i then walked over to my teacher, who had arrived in the middle of this, and he replied, "i think you just got reg-macked." oh man, not from 40 year-old woman in the library.

second, i was sitting in the div school eating lunch and reading the conservative publication that set off my previous rant. as i sat on the steps, seemingly in a harmless public spot, this woman turns around and says, "do you know when she comes back?" "um, i'm just eating lunch," i reply. "oh, i know, i just wondered if you knew when she comes back." "sorry, i said." what the hell was this. i was eating lunch, and obviously not waiting for "her," whoever she was. but that didn't seem to matter.

now, these two instances together may not have been so weird, say, in another more friendly country, or school. but here at the u of c, people don't talk very much and are generally kind of scared of each other, especially of grizzled-ass me. either the world is changing, or i'm in the midst of a body snatchers-type movie. hmm.

i'm an asshole.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

so, finals week is rapidly turning into "i don't give a shit about school anymore" week. hmmm. on the plus side, i found a book that has exactly what i need in it, written by the late paul wellstone. even from beyond the grave, wellstone continues to help me.

the twins have now lost hawkins, milton and aj. nick punto, only you can save us now.

i called lindsay at her work this morning. i think that was the best idea i have had in days. i don't know if that says a lot about my relationship with lindsay or the fact that i have not been doing much deep thinking lately. either way.

for the past hour since i ate lunch i've been sucking on an olive pit. this can't be normal. i've tried to spit it out on a number of occasions, but something compels me to keep biting on the pit.

it's cold in this computer lab, but i don't have a long sleeve shirt with me, so i have been forced to put on my wool hat. as much as i like this hat, i look like a yutz wearing it inside. i promise you, i'm nore trying to look like....well, like whatever this hat makes me look like. it's for warmth.

does anyone know anything about vaslav nijinski/nijinsky? me neighter, but i'm supposed to write a 5000 word profile of him by next week. all i really know is that he's a russian (polish born) ballet dancer from the early 20th century. can you guess how much i care about this guy? ugh. the only interesting thing i can locate so far is that we eventually went crazy. i'll be there soon.

this is why i donít blog anymore, i sound like an idiot.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

so, i have not updated in a while. rather than trying to catch up, i'll move forward.

with thanksgiving weekend over, all i have to look forward to is finishing the quarter. thanksgiving was all that it promised. a three day food orgy.

i must say, i bore myself this evening, so no more post. in case you cared (chris) the volvo passed 253,000 miles.