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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

i'm going up to minnesota tomorrow but i don't know when. my mom called me today and to my "hello" she replied, "don't drive to minnesota tonight, there is a 60mph wind storm heading this way!" i'll say it once and i'll say it a thousand times, but my mom is nuts.

by the way, tomorrow lindsay and i hit the four year mark for our relationship.

if you are a senior in college and still give a shit about school raise your hand. that's what i thought, not one response. everyone i talk to is burned out with school. it was a good run but i've had enough.

Monday, November 10, 2003

if you ever are given a choice about having surgery on your toe or not, opt out of it. not only is the anesthetic that they inject into your toe hurt like a bitch, but then you get to feel them ripping our a part of your toe nail. plus, not that the numbness is wearing off, my toe is throbbing. damn ingrown toenail. at least it's done. now, back to chicago i come (for 2.5 days, then i'm going up to minnesota on thursday to visit lindsay). still, chicago, here i come.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

today was a big day for one benjamin evan chandler. things accomplished/happened today in milwaukee (and surrounding metro area), not in any order except the one i chose to write them in, although may be in semi-chronological order:

*woke up at 8pm
*interviewed with (current) mayor of milwaukee
*received internship with congress of new urbanism during interview with said interview
* best quote of interview, "alright, you're hired. salary: zero dollars"
*did not get a parking ticket while parked down town
*went to the doctor to confirm that i do indeed need surgery on my toe
*scheduled surgery for monday morning at 9am, meaning i won't be arriving back in chicago until monday afternoon
*took volvo to emmisions place to have it's ass tested
*volvo passed test
*proceeded to take volvo to mechanic for new heater (motor)
*helped family figure out the host of new technology implanted into the house today, including high speed internet and digital cable
*ate dinner at "mexican" restaurant with parents and sister
*jettisoned mother and went to see children's play (play being bridge to teribithia)
*did not cry
i also did other things today, such as talk to lindsay on the telephone and eat other meals, but those things, while good, happen often enough to not include bullet points. no where on the list did i incorporate school into the day. i have also been informed that peter mulroy will be in milwaukee tomorrow, so i will get to see him. pete, if you ever read this page again, write some damn comments.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

welcome to blackout '99!

all the power went out in the computer lab about a half an hour ago. while normally this could be a disaster (i have a paper due in three hours that i have not yet begun to write) it has in fact turned into the best work shift ever. as soon as the power went out, everyone left. then i borrowed a few extension cords from the office next door, ran then out into the library that still does have power, and powered the desk computer. voila (or however you spell it). now i'm the only one in the lab (minus two people who are going to wait out the storm), i still have access to the internet and this computer, and on top of it all i'm getting paid to sit here. and even after the power does come back on, there will be very few people here because they all went over to the other computer lab. best blackout ever.

Monday, November 03, 2003

oh what a night for blogging. let's begin at the beginning.

this evening i received an e-mail from a girl at the university of kentucky. she said she had been researching the attorney general of kentucky, ben chandler, when she came across this page. instead of leaving right away as i would have expected, she sent me an e-mail asking about the page and about blogging in general. normally that would have been good enough. but then she included this line:

"Oh and another thing, the guy with the hat on in some of the pictures looks like that tall guy that almost won the Wade Robson Project."
of course the guy she is referring to is andy and the guy she is referring to does look exactly like andy. exactly. bizzaro andy if you will. see.

be sure to click on the picture and check out andy dancing on mtv, with an umbrella no less. this truly made my day.