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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

made it to rochester. the only strange portion of the trip was when we all got off the train in albany, i ran into megan chapman, friend of mine from the u of c (i didn't realize this until i read over, but i sat next to a megan chapman during high school graduation, because of the alphebetic order. chandler, chapman. wierd. maybe i'll sit next to this megan in the spring, if i make it that far. suddenly i'm not sure if her last name really is chapman. hmmmm.) we were both surprised to see eachother on the train, but it made the second half more enjoyable to have someone to talk to.

tomorrow night i'll be getting back on the train and heading for chicago. it's been a long two weeks on the road, it'll be good to go home for a while before school starts.

i feel that i have been horribly neglecting my duties as doc co-chair this summer, although it would have been hard to do much from saint paul. thanks, noah. i really need to get my ass in gear come next week. speaking of school, does anyone know what time the activity fair begins on sunday in chicago. i have to go and talk to freshman and explain to them when they should be involved in doc films. woo.

i'm sort of feeling apathetic and lazy and slightly depressed. i think it's being in rochester. damn rochester.

i'll also should east some food. maybe when pete gets home we'll go and find some in this god forsaken town. (it's not really that bad, but makes for good melodrama).

so all those that knew me in high school: what is just a complete asshole? i've been gathering that feeling latley. maybe asshole is the wrong work, maybe intense-sonofabitch? it's hard to have an accurate perspective on your own past.

okay, this rambling has to stop. it's fun for no one. i'm going to call lindsay, that should make me feel better.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

i also have been to skydome in toronto, bringing the total to 14 (see below). as for shea stadium, i don't know if any of you out there in internet land have been there, but it sucks pretty good. we spent and entire inning looking for nachos. we had to go up and down to the top of the stadium, walk around like idiots past closed borate places until we finally found some nachos. it was like being on the south side of chicago where many business are not open due to massive depopulation. only it was a baseball game. in new york city.

now i am in boston staying with andy's friend at harvard. i get the feeling that we (or just me) could kick some harvard ass if the situation occurred. hopefully it will not. we say hella, out hud and quasi at the middle east last night. fun show, but the bill was an odd mix. i guess that's how things are done here in boston. the only down side was when we left the show and the t (the subway system here in boston, for those not in the know) was closed at 1:30. what kind of barbaric city closes the subway at 1:30 on a saturday night? boston was doing so well until that point. right now it's almost 1 and andy and evelyn are still sleeping. i'm going to find a pay phone and give lindsay a call in saint paul. thanks to all those that are still readers after my month long hiatus.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

to quote margaret and evelyn, "what the shit?" is this how posting from macs always looks? something seems to be wrong, here.

anyway, andy, evelyn and i spent yesterday living the aaron suggs lifestyle. ie, getting up late, eating breakfast as we watched er, and then melded into lunch, before finally leaving for margaret's after 3pm. ahhhh. then we spent the night at margaret's doing more eating and hanging out followed by another afternoon of sloth. i say all this not to complain one bit, but rather to emphasize the relaxing nature of the trip. now we are in the nyu library. with we entered complete with our huge ass bags (well, andy and i both have huge ass bags, evelyn has a my little pony bag). we're staying at willa's place tonight but she's busy til this evening so what else to resourceful u of c students to in a city of 14 million? head to the library. the reason being, trying to travel the crowded subway with the hiking backpack is a bit like a episode of the three stooges: there's a lot of bumping and uncomfortable positions but not much funny. hmmmm. tomorrow, we're going to shea stadium to see the met's play the expos. it will be my, um, 13th major league stadium. the others are as follows (i may have done this already):

*the metrodome
*county stadium
*miller park
*jacob's field
*camden yards
*mile high stadium (the first season for the rockies)
*comisky (the new one)
*tiger stadium
*cinergy (i can't remember what they called it before they changed the name)
other than that, i don't know what's on tap for tomorrow. andy wants to go check out the hipsters in williamsburg, so we may do that depending on the weather. in case you had not heard a million times on the tv news, hurricane isabel is a comin'. should be in boston by saturday night. chinatown bus, here we come.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

so, i guess that this is a testament to how long it's been since i posted on this page. when i went to log into blogger, i could not remember my log in name. i'm updating here from binghamton, new york in aaron's house. but more on that later. since my last update, a few highlights:

*i quit my job
*i had to lie to get the job (saying i'd be around for at least a year) so i felt a need to lie when i quit the job, saying that lindsay and i were "having some issues and she didn't want me around anymore." what a shitty lie, right? everyone completely bought it and i still feel slimy about lying.
*lindsay and i continued to have a great summer, hitting the mn state fair and camping up on the north shore.
*last wednesday i went to work, "worked all day" (meaning took and hour and half paid lunch and threw some onions against the wall followed by a post work beer with my "compardres"), packed my car, ran around the city finishing a few last things, went out for beers with lindsay, dan, taavo and janna. then, awoke at 6 the next morning, drove to milwaukee, lunch with my dad, drove to chicago, unpacked my car, repacked a backpack and then got on a 27-hour train ride with andy and evelyn.
hung out in washington d.c. and went to see the ex at the black cat.
*made our way to philly and then took a commuter train through trenton to new york.
*bla bla bla in new york. good food and some fun.
*then, yesterday aaron drove down to scarsdale, picked up margaret, met us in the city, had lunch and then whisked us back up to binghamton for: great lasagna, tons of wine and a hot tub.
*today we're going to something up here and then head back to scarsdale for more good food and hanging out with margret's family.

okay, so this update sucked, i'll admit it, but at least it's a start. i've been considering ending this blog, but have been convinced to keep it going, for now.