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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

i've been taking a lot of food from work lately (lot is too strong a word, some and more than a little, but not LOTS). not entire boxes of carrots, or something, but just small amounts. i have run into two paradoxes. first, there seems to be a huge difference between eating something out of the box while on the job and taking it home. eating a few grapes or cherries in the middle of the day seems commonplace and logical. also, everyone in the warehouse does it, from "management" on down (the parenthetical usage designed to note that my boss is sort of an idiot. well, rather, a good guy but a terrible manager, which places my opinion of him somewhere in the middle). but, it i take a few mushrooms home for dinner that night, i'm technically attempting the same sort of thievery, but it seems more of an egregious error.

second, and it should probably have been first, but who cares, none of this really feels like stealing. i'm sure many of you out there feel differently and view me in a more negative light because of it (i'm looking at you mike) but it really seems part of the job. the only rational way i can think to explain it is like so: if you were walking down the road and happened upon a orchard, and picked yourself a apple and ate it along the way, it wouldn't really seem like theft. that's how i feel. i guess it's an economy of scale issue. there is SO much of everything that it feels as if i'm committing a harmless transgression. but i know better. i even worked in a grocery store (one that we ship produce to each week) and there too we had a ton of product. boxes and boxes of apples and pears and such, and i didn't think about grabbing one off the shelf. i think it has more to do with being separated from the distribution as well as a separating from, as i have said, both the production and sale of the product. in this never neverland of the warehouse there's a lot of food around, no one is buying it (that we can see) so if we want a little, we take it. man, that sounds so terrible and selfish and wrong. maybe this means that i DO have a conscious.

in other news, i went to the wedding of two of lindsay's good friends (who i have become friends with over the past two years). this was the first wedding i attended of anyone in my pier group, and it was weird. BUT, but, it was also really fun to be on the other side of the friend/family divide that builds up at weddings. at one point i looked around and most of the other people (non-friends) were either sitting and not being fun or gone. i realized that i am usually on that side of the wedding, and it felt good to be among the last to leave. i don't mean to downplay the role of family, but friends sure make things better. i'll put some pictures from the wedding up here soon.

it looks as trough the volvo may pass the 250,000 mile mark this weekend when i travel home and then to chicago.

Monday, August 04, 2003

what happens when $15,000 worth of dairy sits in a truck all night that is not the correct temperature and the rules no longer allow my place of employment to sell it? you guessed it, free stuff for me. as it happened the other day, we donated a whole shit load of dairy to the food bank, eggs, cheese, butter, orange juice, but not before all of us workers got to take what we wanted. i only took a modest amount of food, 24 bricks of organic (is. expensive) cheese, 6 half gallons of orange juice and a few pounds of butter. this one guy made off with 125 pounds of butter for his family. i didn't even ask what he was going to do with it all. then, today, i brought home 10 huge portabella mushrooms that lindsay and i grilled and ate (not all of them). i am starting to see the perks in this warehouse job. god damn it, all i do is talk about work.

friday, august 15th, i will be in chicago. this may be interesting to you for one of two reasons: 1) i'm coming to see bob mould (of hüsker dü), guided by voices and sonic youth who will be performing at goose island fest 2) even if you don't want to go, and you want to hang out, that can be arranged. this will be my first visit to the apartment since we moved in. i'm expecting a lot of you guys.

it's pitiful that i've only seen one twins game since i have been in minnesota. speaking of the twins, baseball tonight was showing a montage of inside the park home runs, and then suddenly there was that one in the first inning of game 3 of the ALDS last year between the twins and a's where torii hunter let one of the first hits go right under his glove and roll all the way to the fence. i was at that game. jesus, that sucked.

i need to go to europe.

Friday, August 01, 2003

i have finally updated the odometer portion of this page to reflect the current number of miles on the car. since may 15th i have added 2897 miles. andy, you were off by 1137 miles. i wager that most of these miles were spent driving you around chicago. in an even more astounding number, since september of last year i have accumulated more than 10,000 miles. keep in mind that i didn't drive the car from january through march when i was in south africa. and how much money have i put into the car in that time period besides gas and the occasional oil change? zero.

week two of my job at the warehouse is complete. i'm sure i'll comment more on this later, but it's my day off and i don't feel like thinking about work anymore.

a week from tomorrow i'm going to a wedding. two of lindsay's friends are getting married. this will be my first wedding of someone in my peer group. scary. also, i need to get my suit back from christopher, who wore it to graduation, and then i forgot to get it back from him before i left chicago. how much does it cost to send a suit by mail?