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Monday, July 28, 2003

i took this yesterday (or rather, lindsay took them while i drove) in st. paul. it's actualy right above the breadsmith store that lindsay works in each day:

anyway, i don't really know how to feel about this. part of me feel that yes, corporate usa is shitty and mcdonalds is a company that sucks, but is spray painting a sign that will be changed real quick really do anything? will it make anyone think more than, "stupid kids, always with their spray painting in my neighborhood." on the other hand, it was a kind of balsy move, much more accomplished than most of my petty vandalism of my high school days.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

i'd like to post about something other than work, but since it now dominates my life i can't think of anything else to post about. jesus, that's sad. maybe i'll come up with something eventually.

i don't know if this is a mark of a good job, but at the end of the day i don't feel tired or worn out, i just can't believe that it is so late in the day. it's as if i just woke up from a daze. the more i think about it is this is the exact opposite of what i want out of a job. but the stakes have all changed with a summer job. about the only remarkable thing that happened today at work was the case of soy milk i crashed into and spilled all over the floor. but, as the job goes, i mopped it up, we picked out another box, and moved on with out day. i think that's what is most mentally relaxing about this, very little consequences of what we do. produce comes in, boxed up and we move it around then ship it out, still in boxes less what we eat. completely removed both from the means of production (the farmers) or the distribution/consumption. thousands of pounds of produce pass though that warehouse each day, but so what?

on an unrelated note, i looked out the front door of the warehouse today and realized i can actually see the train station. if spatial planning of cities means anything to you, then you understand the neighborhood that this place is is, down by the rail yard.

today on npr i heard a story about this guy who makes his living on ebay. isn't this sort of the last vestige of the dot com bubble? people living the american dream, buying and selling crap on e-bay and never having to work again?

i'm sitting here in the living room watching the sox/yankees game. apparently they lost the feed to the game for a moment and then when it came back there was no audio. now, the picture is fine but they are broadcasting espn radio commentary along with it. with the advent of digital cable, satellite television and tivo, it seems that espn should have the option where one can watch the game with either television commentary or the radio announcers. isn't that the point of technology? To add choices to our lives? no, that's just the insidious message that companies like dell want us to believe. fuck 'em.

okay, that's enough posting, i'm going to try and figure out how to make money with ebay.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

finished my second day of work for the summer today. i'm working in a warehouse that delivers organic produce to co-ops around the twins cities and various other points in the midwest. basically, my job consists of putting the stuff in the appropriate cooler (and by cooler i mean one of various gigantic rooms all set to a different level of cold) and then "pull orders," taking a order and running around the warehouse making pallets of their stuff. one of the side effects of working in a warehouse is i now have a ridiculous perspective of size. after seeing 1000 pound boxes of watermelons and hundreds and hundreds of other kind of fruit i assume that everything should come in the quantity. i went grocery shopping last night and had a hard time buying simply one bag of chips. we'll see how this job goes. so far it has not been that much work, the day goes by quickly and i get paid quite well. as long as my back holds out, it should be fine.

Monday, July 21, 2003

can someone tell me what's the deal with this whole "first network for men"? TNN was suposed to change its name to SPIKE TV but apparantly spike lee is suing them to keep them from defaiming his name. i guess he may have a point. i just saw an ad for them new series starring pamela anderson, "stipperella: stripper by night, super hero by later night."

i'm making this update from lindsay's roomate janna's laptop. how good is is to have the internet in the living room?

Friday, July 18, 2003

actual conversation from this afternoon:

"hi, ben, this is rob, from your interview this afternoon."


"so, i called some of your references today..."

[silent gasp from me. oh my god, he found out the truth and is calling to yell at me for lying]

"...and they you're a pretty good guy. anyway, i'm calling to make you an employment offer. 10 bucks and hour, forty hours a week in our warehouse."

"well, that sounds [fucking unbelievable. now i'll have money to live on and go back to school in the fall] good."

"okay, i look forward to seeing you monday."
so, now i'm employed in a warehouse. it all seems to be falling into place.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

i'm now home for a few short days and then i'll be making my way back up to the twin cities tomorrow. last night was my dad's 50th birthday so we did the whole birthday thing: dinner, cake, presents, drinking. my uncle greg stopped over in the afternoon and forced my dad to stop working and do a shot of whiskey and drink a guinness with him. it was good to see. i some how assumed that the whole "goating into doing shots thing" would stop when you get to be a certain age. i guess not. good.

does anyone else think that the sausage race mishap was sort of hilarious? i mean, sure some baseball player hit this poor girl while running in a giant italian hot dog costume with a bat and on the surface it's a terrible thing to do, but how many deep down inside wanted to do the same thing? nothing malicious, but it's a giant hot dog. i guess i've been to one to many brewers games.

speaking of which, my family and i are going to a brewers game tonight. my mom has a friend who has a husband who got us free tickets behind home plate. even if it is the brewers, should be fun.

it finally stopped raining today, so i paid my sister to wash my car. what else are little sisters for?

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

quickly a few things. the movie that i went to see was really good and very irish, both good things. go see it when it comes out in august. also, one of the stars came and answered questions. she had just flown in from ireland that afternoon, but she seemed awake enough. for anyone who went to high school with me, she looked exactly like a irish version of erica coen. next, lindsay and i are going to door county tomorrow morning to meet up with her big ol' family and then i'm going home on friday for my dad's 50th birthday. have to go and buy him some gifts now. perhaps a cd and a book. this means i most likley won't be updating the blog until next week. so, jake, cool your jets. finally, i'm off to apply for a job cleaning carpets out in st. louis park. damn jobs.

Monday, July 07, 2003

damn job, damn internet, damn twins, damn hot summer.

well, i'm still looking for a job and it's starting to piss me off. it seems that every ad i respond to is either 1) way to far away 2) filled or 3) a scam job looking to rip me off. i don't think it helps that i'm currently reading nickel and dimed which makes me hesitant to work any job.

other than that: life up here in the twin cities has been good. the other day lindsay and i took a drive down the st. croix river past red wing (if that means anything to you) and enjoyed the outdoors and the summer. on the fourth we went to the cathedral in st. paul and sat on the steps (or rather, one of two turrets flanking the steps, giving up an even better view). i think that this was the only time i have missed the tosa fireworks since i moved in wisconsin. did any of them blow up on the ground like always? that's my favorite part.

i'm now forced to use le'internet from the campus computer lab, because something has gone wrong with lindsay's ethernet cable and it works in short spurts. very frustrating. but, life without the internet has it's advantages too, not that i have figured many of them out yet.

lindsay scored some free passes to the magdalene sisters, but since he is busy tonight it looks like i may be going alone. i'm thinking of taking a notebook so i at least look like a reporter/reviewer and not some lame ass guy going to a movie alone. although that is what i may be.

the rest of the day looks like it'll be filled with some reading/sitting around/laundry. there are worse ways to send the afternoon.

this was supposed to be posted on the 3rd of july, but the internet in our house has been all fucked up.

so, the internet has been down here for the past few days, hence no new updates (or changes to my pitiful fantasy baseball team). i think i have it fixed now so i'm back on board. this week has been yet another slog looking for a job. i had three interviews this week, and i should hear back about them today.

job #1: i applied to be a delivery guy for a company located somewhere in north minneapolis. as best as i can tell, the company delivers adult diapers to elderly people. i wouldn't mind this job at all but i did lie and tell them i didn't know when i'd be going back to school. i don't think i'll get this one, though, because i'm not a real delivery driver, just some punk kid looking for a job.

job #2: i answered a shady ad in the paper, but this one turned out to be very straightforward. basically, i interviewed for both a general office position and a warehouse position. this company distributes parts for carpet cleaners. come on guys, i can do this! again, i am pessimistic and don't think i'll get this job either. fuckin' workforce.

job #3: cutco. if this means anything to you, you'll understand. i didn't know this going in and when i found out what it was, i stayed around trying to figure out their scam. didn't take long to realize they wanted you to sell knives to people you know. sleazy sleazy sleazy. i strangest part was when the assistant, during the schpeel, taps me on the shoulder, pulls me out of the room and asks me if i want to leave. what was this all about? i mean, yeah, i did want to leave but how did he know?

who do i have to kill to get an honest job moving some boxes around a warehouse? i'm not asking for too much here. i called a few more places in the paper today, but it's getting slimmer and slimmer. at this rate, i may not make it back to school in the fall.

in non-job related stuff, things are going well here. the heat sucks but living with lindsay has been very good. much less fraught with turmoil than could have been imagined. twins suck now, that may hurt the summer a little. tomorrow it the fourth, going to cook out (somewhere) and watch thing blow up in the sky (hopefully).