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Saturday, June 28, 2003

week one in the twin cities has left me jobless and tired, but each day is still much more satisfying than when i was killing myself to finish finals. yesterday i went to a really weird job interview down in edina (in case you don't know the area, the suckiest, richest suburb around. filled with golf courses, big ass homes and office parks). after the 45 minute drive down there i arrive in a little room, brand new and sparsely furnished. in fact, the only furniture in the room besides the receptionist stuff were 8 or 10 chairs along the wall. then, one at a time, this big dude comes out of his office and invites the applicants to "come on back." when i finally got the call, i was greeted by a guy who reminded me very much of my high school guidance counselor (mr. switel), complete with gruff voice and lack of attention span. when he asked me about me (an interview, right?) he seemed to tune out and wait for me to stop talking so that he could move on to his schpeel. i can't really tell what the interview was for. he kept throwing words around like "market research" (but not telemarketing) and "product analyzing." he then took my resume, fliped it over, and on the back began talking about the three pillars of the company/job (i couldn't tell which). "marketing, industry and administration" and as he talked he wrote, in big letters on the paper, M I A, and circled each one. i took one look at the abbreviation and realized that this wasn't the job for me. "call backs" are on monday, but i don't think i'm going to go.

a one andy martin is coming into town as i write this, and i think we're going to hang out together. lindsay is working all day and then going to a bridal shower. i have never been to one of these (the fact that i have a penis prevents me from attending) but from what i hear they involve a lot of games and pre-wedding gift giving. i can't say i'm jealous of lindsay.

god damn twins, stop losing to the brewers. the twins suck now. fucking twins.

my fingernails are really, really long this morning. am i the only one who has to cut their finger nails at least twice a week? am i some sort of genetic freak?

oh, if anyone wants to get a hold of me by phone this summer, e-mail me. i'm hesitant to post lindsay's phone number on the internet.

andy, mike, aaron and others: i'm coming up with my own eating spectacle for the fall. be warned.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

does anyone have a job for me in the twin cities?

i'm back on the internet, or rather, i'm back to this page. a few quick notes about the twin cities:

drove up here on friday and walked headlong into a bar-b-q quasi thrown in my honor (although i think it was more of a, "hey, let's have a bar-b-q" type thing. matt (from high school, not the one who has been hiding out in europe for the past three months) was here with his girlfriend staying for the weekend. finally it felt like summer. sitting around, eating popsicles and doing little more than what i wanted. so this is what happens when you're not in school. but then the cold reality of tuesday (not monday, because lindsay had off work monday) hit me. i don't have a job and no one wants to give me one. i've spent the last few days trying to find one, applying at warehouses and such, but i may have to resort to working for UPS, throwing boxes all day. i also called an ad in the paper and may work (for a few days, just to see how it goes, believe me, i'm not banking on it) for this shady company. my job would be to go to broken down cars in the st paul area and 1)bring them gas 2)jumpstart their cars 3)open their locks if the keys are locked in or 4) change a flat tire. the deal is i get paid per car and i would wear a beeper and then go forth each time i was summoned. sounds like it could be a scam. another possibility was high rise window washing, downtown, but i may not do that one, the risk of dying and all. other than that, things have been good. lots of reading getting done, lots of sleeping happening and spending much time with lindsay, which was the reason for coming up here. now, as long as i don't get kicked out of lindsay's house when the landlord comes by today and sees way to many people living here, i'll be fine.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

the last week and a half have been terrible, but now it's summer. i had to finish finals and then move our entire apartment to the new place. done now, and i'm home in milwaukee for a few days before heading up to st. paul for the summer. anticipate more updates from there. maybe once the pain of moving in has settled into the past i can recount the horror that was moving. but i'm going to need some distance to regain my composure.

also, does anyone know of some good/decent/any jobs in the twin cities (minneapolis/st. paul) that i could have this summer? i have a few leads thanks to andy's dad, but the more the better. job hunt '99 begins on monday.

so, unless i get bored here at home (which may happen) and decided to blog then, this page will be on hiatus until the end of the week.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

observations while writing my finals paper of the year:

*andy, who is currently running on 4.5 hours of sleep in the past 54 hours, is sitting in the kitchen literally slapping himself to stay awake. (3:31pm)

*a general note to everyone who has become accustomed to only using cell phones: when you call a non-cell phone or landline numerous people may be answering, including but not exclusively the person you are looking for. don't get snotty when the person you are looking for is not the one who happens to pick up the phone, especially if that person does not actually live in the residence you just called. (6:20pm)

*how is it terribly uncomfortable in this lab while it is beautiful outside? the windows are all open, which one could assume would bring the outdoors in. wrong. (8:16pm)

*people listening to headphones so loud that i can clearly make out the song from across the room must be going deaf. (8:39)

*being completely done is a good feeling. (9:38)

so, it's been a while since i posted here. that's because my days have been consumed with either doing work, or taking breaks from work. i'll be done tomorrow so i assume that regular postings should resume once again.

before i forget, happy birthday chris. i tried to call you in maine, but i guess answering machines have not made their way up that far yet.

Friday, June 06, 2003

i hereby throw up my hands and scream to the world, "yes, i'm a bad speller. and not only that, i have no idea how to use simple grammar. also, i make mistakes from time to time while typing, while everyone else seems impervious from the occasionally finger slip." anything else you vultures want to attack? while i am amused by the flame war going down in the comments section of my page (and i mean that, with no sarcasm) i think it's time to give this one a rest.

i'm doing homework all day today, so i expect many more posts later on.

Monday, June 02, 2003

back in the saddle again.

i was going to write something about the numerous animals living in the courtyard behind our apartment (thanks to the fucking wrestlers downstairs) but i think andy covered that well enough, besides, he has pictures. and as you know, pictures are worth...

yesterday mike and andy and i made our way up to the Q101 street fair at belmont and shefield to see enon and interpol. both put on interesting shows but the atmosphere was all wrong. i don't know what it was. too many people. stage too high. outside. the fact that the promoter announced interpol's album as "turn the bright lights on." we did happen to find mike's friends from south bend in the crowd which led to an amusing overheard conversation (am i the only one who LOVES to eavesdrop on people? i think i get it from my dad who once was going to write an article on eavesdropping. i've literally stopped conversations to listen to what people in the next booth had to say. does this say something about me?). all of mike's friends happen to be tall (and no, not just "tall" meaning taller than me which i realize is not tall but tall, as in over 6-feet). so, as we are standing there these short girls behind us go, "man, how are you gonna come to a show with all tall people. did they have to work on that?" then, when they (mike and the south bend crew + andy, who is also a tall sonofabitch) went to buy burritos the girls asked me if they (the tall people) were coming back. i told them that they (the girls) better move up if they intended on seeing the next band. they did. i also think that enon climbed to the top of the "bands that ben chandler has seen live the most number of times" charts. at least four, maybe five times.

enough blogging. i'm going to and play mario cart, because as i realized the other day getting my ass kicked by mike, i need practice.