Bangla (a.k.a. Bengali) Instructional Materials



  • Bengali Prose Reader for Second-Year Students, by Edward C. Dimock, Jr. & Somdev Bhattacharji with Ronald Inden, Arati John, & Clinton B. Seely
  • Intermediate Bangla, by Clinton B. Seely
  • Bengali Reference Grammar, by W.L. Smith (Stockholm: Association of Oriental Studies)
  • Bengali: A Comprehensive Grammar, by Hanne-Ruth Thompson (Routledge)

Advanced levels:

  • Bengali Vaisnava Lyrics: a reader for advanced students, by Edward C. Dimock, Jr. & Roushan Jahan


  • Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary, compiled by Sailendra Biswas, revised by Subodhchandra Sengupta (Kolkata: Sahitya Samsad)

  • Bangla Academy Bengali-English Dictionary, compiled by Latifur Rahman & Jahangir Tareque; edited by Mohammad Ali, Mohammad Moniruzzaman, & Jahangir Tareque (Dhaka: Bangla Academy)

  • Samsad Common Words Dictionary [English-Bengali] edited by Anjali Bose (Kolkata: Sahitya Samsad)

  • Samsad Bangala Abhidhan, compiled by Sailendra Biswas, revised by Shashibhushan Dasgupta and Dineshchandra Bhattacharya (Kolkata: Sahitya Samsad)

    • Note: The first three dictionaries listed above are recommended for the learner of the language and for everyday use thereafter. Samsad publishes a larger English-Bengali dictionary that is not recommended for English speakers. It tends to give somewhat longer definitions in Bangla rather than concise Bangla equivalents for the English word under consideration. For the more advanced student, there is the fourth entry above. Another Bangla-Bangla dictionary as well as a dictionary specifically for indicating pronunciation will in the future become available online at The University of Chicago, Digital Dictionaries of South Asia

Bangla UNICODE fonts:

Facts and figures pertaining to the language:

*The downloadable files are free. They come compressed in "zip" format to download more readily and in Adobe(Tm) Acrobat format for viewing. Stuffit(Tm) Expander, free on the web, will let you "unzip" the files. Acrobat Reader, also free on the web, will let you view the files on your computer.

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