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I am an HHMI Predoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Chicago, currently pursuing my Ph.D. degree under the mentorship of Prof. Chuan He in the Chemistry Department. My graduate work studies DNA and RNA epigenetics, specifically the chemical modifications on nucleic acid bases and the regulatory roles of these marks. My current research focuses on reversible RNA methylation (m6A), a re-discovered modification that has been recently revealed to carry crucial regulatory functions in mRNA. I am investigating the impacts of m6A in diverse biological systems, such as animal early development and infectious diseases.

Contact Details

Boxuan Zhao
GCIS E307, 929 E 57th St
Chicago, IL 60637 US



The University of Chicago

Ph.D. in Chemistry August 2017

M.S. in Chemistry October 2013

Peking University

B.S. in Chemistry June 2012


He Group at the University of Chicago

HHMI Predoctoral Student Research Fellow and Graduate Student Researcher September 2012 - Present

Boxuan joined Prof. Chuan He’s group to continue his work at the interface of chemistry and biology. During his first year, he completed and published the work of constructing a quinone biosensor with labmate while satisfying all the coursework requirements and TA responsibilities. Starting from his second year passing candidacy, Boxuan turned his focus to the study of DNA and RNA epigenetics, specifically the investigation of chemical modifications on nucleic acid bases and the regulatory roles of these marks. He developed the first high-throughput single-base resolution sequencing methods for detecting 5fC and 5caC modifications in DNA with coworkers, and studied reversible RNA methylation (m6A) with crucial regulatory functions in mRNA. He primarily focused on the investigation of a class of RNA binding proteins that specifically recognized m6A, termed ‘m6A readers’, and jointly characterized and demonstrated the function of the first discovered translation-promoting m6A reader, YTHDF1. He then dived into the investigation of biological functions of m6A, including discovering the impact of m6A during early embryogenesis of zebrafish, revealing the distribution and effects of m6A in many virus species and viral infection. For his final year of graduate study, Boxuan plans to continue studying the functions of m6A in different biological systems and explore the crosstalk between m6A regulatory mechanism with other known pathways, in hopes of providing a clearer picture of the wide-spread biological impacts of m6A and contributing to the proceeding of the research field of RNA.

Chen Group at Peking University

Undergraduate Researcher January 2009 - August 2012

Boxuan started as an independent undergraduate researcher during his first year in college under the mentorship of Prof. Peng Chen, focusing on the development of biosensors for small molecules in living cells via protein engineering. His first project was to construct a genetically encoded biosensor for organic hydroperoxide (OHP) in living cells, an elusive form of reactive oxygen species that may cause severe cellular damages. Utilizing a naturally occurring OHP-sensory bacterial protein OhrR, Boxuan inserted a sensitive fluorescent protein at the predicted conformational switching region of OhrR and developed an OHP selective biosensor that changes fluorescence signal upon detecting the presence of OHP. He continues to work on the biological applications of OHP sensors and later demonstrated their functions at subcellular precision, providing the field with a useful tool for OHP detection.

Peking iGEM Team

Subgroup Leader January 2010 - January 2012

Boxuan joined the research team of International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) at Peking University and was actively engaged in the study of synthetic biology with a team of undergraduate researchers under the supervision of Prof. Qi Ouyang at the Center for Quantitative Biology. Working towards the goal of developing a biological solution for heavy metal purification, he led the subgroup of heavy metal bacterial absorbent and together with team members won second place at 2010’s iGEM Jamboree at MIT.


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(*co-authors contributed equally)

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