Alison Winter


Associate Professor of History




·        History of Science and Medicine since 1700

·        History of human sciences

·        Modern British history and Victorian Studies

·        Human sciences and the law

I am Associate Professor of History at the University of Chicago, and a member of the Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science.  I am also a member of the Committee on the History of Culture. My interests center on the sciences of mind, and more broadly the human sciences, since the eighteenth century.  My research has focused on the history of the human sciences and medicine since around 1800. My first book developed a social and cultural history of mesmerism in Victorian Britain. My second examines the history of sciences of memory over the past century. I am currently working on a variety of topics, including a study of the history of the use of moving images in the human sciences; a history of the controversy over the case of Bridey Murphy in mid twentieth century America, and the history of practices associated with “new age’ movements in the1960s and 70s; and an exploration of the use of the psychological sciences in legal work during the twentieth century, particularly in relation to jurors and witnesses.


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