Anne Davis
Graduate Student
Office: Hinds 477
CV in pdf format

Research interests:

I study the chemical and physical properties of materials under high pressure and high temperature conditions, to better understand the constitution, structure, and evolution of the Earth's interior. I am interested in the role of carbon in the deep Earth, and how it affects and explains the chemical properties of the Earth's interior. Specifically, I am investigating carbon-rich core compositions, carbonate redox reactions at the core mantle boundary, and the role of carbonatite melt at D''.


University of Chicago Ph.D. student Geophysical Sciences
Caltech B.S. (2016) Chemistry


Thompson E.C., Davis A.H. , Bi W., Zhao J., Alp E.E., Zhang D., Greenberg E., Prakapenka V.B., Campbell A.J. (In Press) High-pressure geophysical properties of fcc phase FeHx. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.


2017–2020 NSF GRFP
2016–2021 Eckhardt Scholarship
2016 Elaine K. Bernstein Women in Science Award
2012–2016 RSSI Scholarship
2014 Saul and Joan Cogen Memorial SURF Fellow
2013 Donald S. Clarke SURF Fellow
2014–2016 REMSA Scholarship