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Barbara Celarent is a courtesy name for an aspect of universality that sometimes took particular form in the period 2009-2015. She was interested in encountering and comprehending the phenomena of particularity and difference."Barbara Celarent" was simply the name given to the minimal definition and constancy thereby achieved. (Celarent most often took the form of the woman shown to the left.) During her particular sojourn, Celarent was Professor of the Sociology of Particularity at the University of Atlantis. In late 2015 (or 2053 possibly) she returned to universality.

The American Journal of Sociology reviews

One of Celarent's attempts to be particular was a series of essays about old books in social science. These began to appear in the year 2009, although Celarent claimed to have written them beginning in 2048. As an aspect of eternity, Celarent was apparently not bothered by the anachronism. Her "bibliography" appears below. A complete collection of her essays, entitled Varieties of Social Imagination , is now available from the University of Chicago Press, edited and with a short preface by Andrew Abbott. The Press has kindly allowed this webpage to remain active, since past usage shows that there is much demand for these essays from peoples and places where book sales are unlikely.

Volume 115

Michael Young. The Rise of the Meritocracy, 1870-2033. AJS 115:322-326, 2009.
Henry David Thoreau. Walden; or, Life in the Woods. AJS 115:649-655, 2009.
Frances Donovan. The Woman Who Waits. The Saleslady. The Schoolma'am. AJS 115: 984-990, 2009
Bernard Berelson and Gary A. Steiner. Human Behavior. AJS 115:1345-1350, 2010.
Oliver Cromwell Cox. Caste, Class, and Race. AJS 115:1664-1669, 2010.
Herbert Marcuse. Eros and Civilization. AJS 115:1964-1972, 2010.

Volume 116

Gilberto Freyre. The Masters and the Slaves. AJS, 116:334-339, 2010.
Jomo Kenyatta. Facing Mount Kenya. AJS, 116:772-728.
T'ung-Tsu Ch'u (pinyin Qu Tongzu)Law and Society in Traditional China. Local Government under the Ch'ing. AJS, 116:1046-1052.
Mariama Ba. So Long a Letter. AJS, 116:1391-1396.
G. S. Ghurye. Caste and Race in India. AJS, 116:1713-1719.
Frantz Fanon. A Dying Colonialism. AJS, 116:2062-2068.

Volume 117

Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati. The High-Caste Hindu Woman. Conditions of Life in the United States. AJS, 117:353-360.
Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. Facundo. AJS, 117:716-723.
Chen Da. Chinese Migrations with Special Reference to Labor Conditions. Emigrant Communities in South China. AJS, 117:1022-1027.
Ali Shari'ati. On the Sociology of Islam. Marxism and Other Western Fallacies. AJS, 117:1288-1294.
Ziya Gökalp. Turkish Nationalism and Western Civilization. AJS, 117:1556-1563.
M. N. Srinivas. The Remembered Village. AJS, 117:1870-1878.

Volume 118

Ellen Hellman. Rooiyard: A Sociological Survey of an Urban Native Slum Yard. AJS, 118:274-280.
Euclides da Cunha. Rebellion in the Backlands. AJS, 118:536-542.
Fukutake Tadashi. Japanese Rural Society. AJS, 118:855-861.
Fei Xiaotong. Peasant Life in China. Earthbound China. AJS, 118:1153-1160.
Deliar Noer. The Modernist Muslim Movement in Indonesia, 1900 - 1942. AJS, 118:1467-1473.
Radhakamal Mukerjee. The Dynamics of Morals. AJS, 118:1736-1744.

Volume 119

Leopold Sedar Senghor. Liberte 1:Negritude et Humanisme. On African Socialism. AJS, 119:299-305.
Gino Germani. Authoritarianism, Fascism, and National Populism. AJS, 119:590-596.
Taha Husayn. La philosophie sociale d'Ibn Khaldoun. AJS, 119:894-902.
Fukuzawa Yukichi. An Outline of a Theory of Civilization. AJS, 119:1213-1220.
Heleieth I. B. Saffioti. Women in Class Society. AJS, 119:1821-1827.

Volume 120

Alberto Flores Galindo. In Search of an Inca. . AJS, 120:306-311.
Sol T. Plaatje. Native Life in South Africa. . AJS, 120:626-632.
José Vasconcelos. La raza cosmica. A Mexican Ulysses. . AJS, 120:998-1004.
Edward W. Blyden. Christianity, Islam, and the Negro Race. . AJS, 120:1285-1293.

Volume 121

José Rizal. Noli me tángere. El filibusterismo. . AJS, 121:346-352.
Joaquin Capelo Sociología de Lima.. AJS, 121:662-673.
Raden Ajeng Kartini. Letters from Kartini. On Feminism and Nationalism.. AJS, 121:1004-1015.

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