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Fang Wang


·         University of Chicago, Chicago, IL                                                                                             09/2008-12/2009

        M.S. in Statistics           

·         Univ. of Sci. and Tech. of China (USTC), Hefei, Anhui, China                                               09/2002-06/2006

B.S. in Mathematics

Professional Experience

                Survey Statistician II NORC, Chicago, IL                                                                                       12/2011-Present

                Survey Statistician I NORC, Chicago, IL                                                                                         12/2009-12/2011

·         PI of NORC research project “Improving NORC Hot Deck Imputation Procedure”: developed of NORC single and multiple sequential hot-deck imputation software.

·         Implemented iterative Bayesian distribution multiple imputation for Residential Energy Consuming Survey (RECS), Survey of Doctorate Recipient (SDR), Survey of Earned Doctorate (SED), and National Immunization Survey (NIS) using SAS and IVEware.

·         Conducted disclosure risk analysis and generated public use file for NIS; developed NIS data user’s guide; communicated with clients to answer questions about the public use files.

·         Conducted NIS landline/cell phone weighting, SDR regular weighting and SDR logistic model based post stratification weighting.

·         Developed SAS macros for complex survey glm/logistic model selection and model singularity test; developed regression models for National Former Prisoner Survey (NFPS) to predict proportion of receiving sexual victimization among US former prisoners.  

·         Developed SAS programs for survey frame building, model based response rates predicting, RDD/PPS sampling, single/multiple imputation, complex survey variance estimation, data quality control check and data analysis for different projects and generated corresponding methodology reports.

·         Collaborated with NORC education department on International SDR design: projected survey response rate using regression and time series models, calculated design effect, estimated inter class correlation using random/mixed effect models, developed and evaluated different sampling stratification.

·         Participated in the survey “Civil Liberties and Security: 10 Years After 9/11” questionnaire design.


                Graduate Research Assistant II NORC, Chicago, IL                                                                     06/2009-12/2009

·         Predicted US number of children in a household using logistic models,

·         Researched relationships between number of children in a household and family income, mother’s education, mother’s age, race/ethnicity.

·         Generated 2008 NIS public use file and data user’s guide, developed NIS R, SAS and SUDAAN data analysis sample programs


                Research AssistantArgonne National Lab and U Chicago, Chicago, IL                                   05/2009-12/2009

·         Modeled yearly global population and urban rural classification using time series models, sampling methods and simulation.

·         Predicted US land use change using generalized logistic/probit models and Bayesian methods.

·         Developed R programs for Economic and GIS data cleaning, analysis and visualization.


                Teaching Assistant –Department of Statistics, U Chicago, Chicago, IL                                         01/2009-06/2009

·         Worked as TA and Grader of undergraduate statistical courses.


                Statistical Consultant–Department of Statistics, U Chicago, Chicago, IL                                     01/2009-06/2009

·         Consulted projects from biology, psychology and sociology departments.


                Teaching Assistant –Department of Mathematics, USTC*, Hefei, Anhui, China                        01/2009-06/2009

·         TA of linear algebra; instructed problem sessions.


                Conference Coordinator, Pacific Rim Complex Geometry Conference at USTC*                     06/2006-08/2006

·         Helped the chair with activity scheduling, wrote and translated conference materials, and answered attendant’s questions.

Programming and Software Skills

·         Languages and Applications: R, SAS, SUDAAN, Excel, ArcGIS, HTML,SQL, Mathematica

·         Operating System: Linux/Unix, Windows

Selected Awards

·         2012 NORC Employee Recognition Award

·         2011 Midwest SAS User Forum Jr. Professional Award

·         2011 and 2012 NORC Center of Excellent Survey Research R&D Award

·         2010 NORC Spot Award (for Survey of Doctorate Recipient)


Personal Website

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