This plot shows values of h(50;rho) as described in Hudson(2001) (submitted to Genetics). The sample configurations shown are where the marginal frequencies of the derived alleles are 40/50 and 30/50. The axis labeled n_11-20, indicates the sample configuration, i.e., the configuration with 24 1-1 gametes (or A-B gametes) corresponds to n_11-20 = 24 - 20 = 4 on that axis. (So only integer values are meaningful on this axis. These sample probabilities are tabulated in the file which is located elsewhere at this site . ( If this file is downloaded and unzipped, the numbers used to create the figure can be obtained by: grep -A 21 "freq: 40 30" h50rho . ) They can also be estimated with the programs in the directory ehnrho .