Department of Eco & Evo Biology, Brown University


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Teaching and Professional Services

2014 Winter        ECEV 3560: Principles of Population Genetics I (TA)
2013 Fall             HGEN 4700: Human Genetics I (TA)
2013 Winter        ECEV 3560: Principles of Population Genetics I (TA)
2012 Fall             MGCB/HGEN 3140: Genetic Analysis of Model Organisms (TA)

2014-2015           Novembre-He-Stephens Lab Meeting Coordinator (UChicago)
2013-2014           Novembre-Stephens Lab Meeting Coordinator (UChicago)
2013-2015           Student Representative, Department of Human Genetics (UChicago)

2015-17               American Society of Human Genetics DNA Day Essay Contest (Judge)
2014-15, 2017      Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium (Judge)

Reviewer            Genetics, Human Molecular Genetics, Scientific Reports

Selected Conference and Meeting Presentations

2017                   Gordon Research Seminar: Quantitative Genetics and Genomics (Talk)
2016                   Probabilistic Modeling of Genomics: Oxford University (Talk)
2015                   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute: The Genomics of Common Diseases (Poster)
2015                   Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution Annual Meeting (Poster)
2014                   American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting (Poster)
2014                   Midwest PopGen Meeting (Poster)
2011                   The Broad Institute: Program in Medical and Population Genetics (Seminar)
2011                   Cold Spring Harbor Labs: Biology of Genomes (Talk)
2010                   American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting (Poster)