Department of Human Genetics, UChicago


Welcome to my research webspace. I am currently a NRSA Predoctoral Fellow in the Human Genetics department at the University of Chicago, where I am a member of the Stephens Lab. My research focuses on the application and development of both computational and statistical tools for the analysis of human genomic data. The questions I am interested in typically cross the boundaries of population, medical and evolutionary genetics.

Recent and current projects include:

  • Bayesian multivariate analysis of large-scale GWAS summary statistics
  • Targeted gene-exome sequencing and rare-variant analysis in relation to HIV-infection
  • The deleterious mutation load in European and African-American populations
  • Polygenic adaptation of height in European populations
  • The genetic architecture of height

My CV can be found here. Past research experiences include working in the Pritchard Lab (50/50 with Stephens Lab) prior to its move to Stanford, the Hirschhorn Lab at Children's Hospital Boston prior to graduate school, and the Aquadro Lab at Cornell University while receiving my Bachelors.