Kyler J. Brown

Kyler J. Brown

Committee on Computational Neuroscience
Graduate Student
University of Chicago
email: kjbrown ~at~


I am a student in the Margoliash lab, interested in the acquisition and control of motor sequences. I use zebra finch song behavior, biophysical models of song production, and neurophysiology to explore the neural basis of vocal behavior.

During my undergrad at McGill I worked in the labs of Chris Pack and Thomas Shultz.


L.R. Manfredi, H.P. Saal, K.J. Brown, M.C. Zielinski, J.F. Damman III, V.S. Polashock, S.J. Bensmaia. "Natural scenes in tactile texture", submitted

A. Kaznatcheev, K. Brown, and T.R. Shultz. "Self-esteem and the matching effect in mate selection." Proceedings of the 32nd annual conference of the cognitive science society, (2010). paper, or presentation


June 2012: NSF DGE-0903637


leaky integrate and fire