SIAM Annual Meeting 2018: Numerical Differential Geometry Meets Numerical Algebraic Geometry Mini-Symposium


Main Conference: SIAM Annual Meeting 2018 July 9 to 13, 2018

Location: Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon USA

The past decades have witnessed a growing trend in applying ideas from differential and algebraic geometry to numerical algorithms. The profound theoretical foundations of differential geometry have interacted with the computational and statistical communities, yielding fruitful outcomes in a wide range of fields including manifold learning, Riemannian optimization, and geometry processing; in the meanwhile, numerical algebraic geometry has found success in kinematics and global optimization. This minisymposium encourages researchers from both applied differential geometry and numerical algebraic geometry communities to share their perspectives and technical tools on problems lying in the intersection of the two fields.


Tingran Gao, University of Chicago.

Jose Israel Rodriguez, University of Chicago.

Location and dates: (Date and location TBD).

Jose Israel Rodriguez (University of Chicago) [Introduction to numerical differential geometry]

Yiling You (University of Chicago) [Fiber product homotopies for multi-parameter eigenvalue problems]

Dani Brake (University of Wisconsin Eau Claire) [The complete solution of Alt-Burmester synthesis problems for four-bar linkages]

Ke Wei (Fudan University) [Fast Low Rank Matrix Reconstruction by Exploiting Local Geometric Structure]

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