SIAM Annual Meeting 2018: Algebraic Statistics Mini-Symposium


Main Conference: SIAM Annual Meeting 2018 July 9 to 13, 2018

Location: Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon USA

Algebraic statistics is concerned with applying commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and combinatorics to problems arising from statistics. This exchange across disciplines has resulted in innovative tools for parameter estimation, model selection, and hypothesis testing. These minisymposia will focus on several current themes in algebraic statistics including applications of algebraic geometry and polyhedral geometry to data analysis, graphical models and network models, and hidden variable models.


Carlos Amendola, TU Munich.

Elizabeth Gross, San Jose State University.

Jose Israel Rodriguez, University of Chicago.

Algebraic Statistics: Data Analysis (Data and location TBD).

Sara Kalisnik Verovsek (Wesleyan University) [Tropical Sufficient Statistics for Persistent Homology]

Gregory Ongie (University of Michigan) [Algebraic Variety Models for Matrix Completion]

Caprice Stanley (North Carolina State University) [Sampling Lattice Points in Polytopes]

Rudy Yoshida (Naval Postgraduate School) [Tropical Principal Component Analysis]

Algebraic Statistics: Graphical and Network Models (Data and location TBD).

Eliana Duarte (Otto von Guericke Universitat Magdeburg) [Defining equations of Bayesian networks via colored probability trees]

Caroline Uhler (MIT) [Your dreams may come true with MTP2]

Ha Nguyen (Ohio State University) [Geometry of Exponential Random Graph Models]

Dane Wilburne (Illinois Institute of Technology) [Exact tests for stochastic block models]

Algebraic Statistics: Hidden Variable Models (Data and location TBD).

Carlos Amendola (TU Munich) [Mixture Models in Algebraic Statistics]

Greg Blekherman (Georgia Tech) [Typical and Generic Matrix Completion Rank]

Guido Montufar (UCLA) [Mixtures and Products in two Graphical Models]

Serkan Hosten (San Francisco State University) [Maximum likelihood estimation for the Latent Class Model through model boundary decomposition]

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