Hello! I am Hanzhe Zhang, a PhD Candidate in Economics at the University of Chicago under the supervision of Professors Gary S. Becker and Philip J. Reny. My primary research interests lie in microeconomic theory, particularly matching, auctions, and evolutionary economics. I was one of the thirty winners worldwide for the Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges and have worked on auctions and non-Bayesian learning at Microsoft Research New England. In 2010 at the age of 20, I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania summa cum laude in three years with two honors Bachelor's degrees in mathematics and economics and a Master's degree in mathematics, and won the awards for having the highest cumulative GPA and for writing the best undergraduate thesis.

You can learn more about my Research and Teaching. My CV is here.

News and Updates

Winter Quarter 2014

  • Thesis proposal "Dynamic Matching Models and Applications" has been approved by Gary Becker*, Phil Reny* and Hugo Sonnenschein!
  • Drafts of "Marriage Age Patterns: A Unifying Theory and Global Evidence" and "Stability Induces Pre-Matching Gambles" have been posted.
  • Presentations at AEA Annual Meeting, Applied Micro Lunch, Theory Working Group, and Chicago Fed.

Fall Quarter 2013

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