Journal Club - Tentative Schedule

This page contains schedule info from June 2016 through the present.

Meetings are held Tuesdays at 5:00pm in the Margoliash Lab conference room.

The score for each beer is the average of all votes from attendees, between 1 and 5, with 1 being "Poor" and 5 being "Awesome."

The old journal club page, put together and lovingly maintained by Arij Daou while he was a postdoc in the lab, lists presentation info for quarters prior to Summer 2016.

Summer 2018

Date Speaker Paper Beer
July 24 Nelson Medina Social isolation during the critical period reduces synaptic and intrinsic excitability of a subtype of pyramidal cell in mouse prefrontal cortex
July 18 Daniel Lam Relative salience of syllable structure and syllable order in zebra finch song

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Paper Beer
June 6 Chad Heer Bidirectional scaling of vocal variability by an avian cortico-basal ganglia circuit
May 9 Sofija Canavan Spatial information in a non-retinotopic visual cortex Leftovers
April 4 Nelson Medina A basal ganglia circuit sufficient to guide birdsong learning Leftovers
March 28 Sofija Canavan Highlights from the Gordon Research Conference on Sleep Leftovers

Winter 2018

Date Speaker Paper Beer
March 7 Graham Fetterman A common neural circuit mechanism for internally guided and externally reinforced forms of motor learning Leftovers

Autumn 2017

Date Speaker Paper Beer
Dec 13 Graham Fetterman Regularities in zebra finch song beyond the repeated motif
Dec 6 Sofija Canavan Adult zebra finches rehearse highly variable song patterns during sleep
Nov 29 Various SfN recap Leftovers
Nov 1 Various SfN prep Leftovers
Oct 25 Sofija Canavan Dynamic reorganization of neuronal activity patterns in parietal cortex
Oct 18 Nelson Medina Neuronal intrinsic physiology changes during development of a learned behavior
Oct 11 Kyler Brown Practice talk

Summer 2017

Date Speaker Paper Beer
Aug 09 Sofija Canavan Melatonin affects the temporal pattern of vocal signatures in birds
Jul 19 Dan Margoliash EM connectomics reveals axonal target variation in a sequence-generating network
Population-level representation of a temporal sequence underlying song production in the zebra finch
Jul 12 Graham Fetterman Identification of a motor-to-auditory pathway important for vocal learning Aunt Sally
Score: 3.09
σ²: 1.10
Jun 28 Dan Margoliash Rhythmic continuous-time coding in the songbird analog of vocal motor cortex St. Bernardus Abt 12
Score: 4.4
σ²: 0.10
Jun 21 Arij Daou Dopaminergic modulation of basal ganglia output through coupled excitation-inhibition
Long-term depression of intrinsic excitability accompanied by synaptic depression in cerebellar Purkinje cells
Chang Classic
Score: 3.3
σ²: 0.20

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Paper Beer
May 03 Sofija Canavan Physiology and morphology of intratelencephalically projecting corticostriatal-type neurons in pigeons as revealed by intracellular recording and cell filling Pseudo-Sue
Score: 4.75
σ²: 0.13

Winter 2017

Date Speaker Paper Beer
Mar 29 Graham Fetterman Dynamics of cortical dendritic membrane potential and spikes in freely behaving rats Black Butte Porter
Score: 3.67
σ²: 0.09
Mar 22 Sofija Canavan Mind the gap: neural coding of species identity in birdsong prosody

The interrelated effect of sleep and learning in dogs (Canis familiaris); an EEG and behavioural study
Ginger Perry
Score: 4.17
σ²: 0.08
Feb 22 Graham Fetterman Dopamine neurons encode performance error in singing birds Space Station: Middle Finger
Score: 3.7
σ²: 0.33
Feb 15 Graham Fetterman Automatic recognition of element classes and boundaries in the birdsong with variable sequences Bare Bear
Score: 4.01
σ²: 0.03
Feb 01 Kyler Brown Practice talk Leftovers
Jan 25 Sofija Canavan Practice talk Leftovers

Autumn 2016

Date Speaker Paper Beer
Nov 09 Max Gillett Unstable neurons underlie a stable learned behavior Leftovers
Nov 02 Graham Fetterman Dopaminergic contributions to vocal learning Leftovers
Oct 26 Nathan Buerkle Matching tutor to student: rules and mechanisms for efficient two-stage learning in neural circuits Lagunitas Sucks (Brown Shugga Substitute Ale)
Score: 3.17
σ²: 0.08
Oct 12 Sofija Canavan Medial prefrontal-hippocampal connectivity and motor memory consolidation in depression and schizophrenia

A double dissociation of memory impairments in major depression
South Side Pride
Score: 3.4
σ²: 0.15
Sep 21 Tim Brawn Evidence that birds sleep in mid-flight Leftovers
Sep 07 Sofija Canavan Young, active, and well-connected: adult-born neurons in the zebra finch are activated during singing

Wandering neuronal migration in the postnatal vertebrate forebrain
Festina PÍche
Score: 4.03
σ²: 0.02

Summer 2016

Date Speaker Paper Beer
Aug 31 Graham Fetterman Prenatal acoustic communication programs offspring for high posthatching temperatures in a songbird Leftovers
Aug 10 Nathan Buerkle Operation of a homeostatic sleep switch MangŲ
Score: 3.42
σ²: 0.17
Aug 03 Sabine Ollivier Reconsolidation may incorporate state-dependency into previously consolidated memories

How snapping shrimp snap: through cavitating bubbles
Jul 27 Tim Brawn Diversity in neural firing dynamics supports both rigid and learned hippocampal sequences

Tracking the time-dependent role of the hippocampus in memory recall using DREADDs
Jul 20 Graham Fetterman A distributed recurrent network contributes to temporally precise vocalizations Leftovers
Jul 06 Dan Margoliash Internal models direct dragonfly interception steering Leftovers
Jun 29 Sofija Canavan Auditory experience-dependent cortical circuit shaping for memory formation in bird song learning Oberon Ale
Score: 4.25
σ²: 0.05
Jun 22 Arij Daou Budgerigars and zebra finches differ in how they generalize in artificial grammar learning Three Philosophers
Score: 4.02
σ²: 0.27