Timothy Leffel

Postdoctoral Researcher
Language Processing Lab
Department of Linguistics
University of Chicago

email: timleffel@uchicago.edu

about... myself:
I'm a linguistics postdoc at the University of Chicago, where I work with Ming Xiang and Chris Kennedy in the Language Processing Lab. My research focuses on semantics and its interfaces, from both pencil-and-paper and psycholinguistic perspectives. Especially exciting to me are domains where the semantics-pragmatics distinction is blurred, like implicature, vagueness and precision, and focus. These areas are interesting because they illustrate how linguistic communication is rooted partially in symbol manipulation and partially in more general components of cognition like rational inference. I'm also interested in scientific and data-driven approaches to the analysis of sports, especially basketball. Go Bulls!

my dissertation:
see this [lingbuzz entry] for abstract and full text.

full cv current as of mar21/2016 [.pdf]

  • 2016. Imprecision is pragmatic: Evidence from referential processing. to be presented at SALT 26. (with Ming Xiang, Chris Kennedy) [abstract]

  • 2016. 'Not very' Adj: Vagueness and implicature calculation. 2016 LSA Annual Meeting. (with Alexandre Cremers, Jacopo Romoli, Nicole Gotzner) [slides]

  • 2016. Context and world knowledge in gradable adjective interpretation. 2016 LSA Annual Meeting. (with Ming Xiang, Chris Kennedy) [slides]

  • 2014. Restrictive versus non-restrictive composition: An MEG study. Language, Cognition, and Neuroscience. (with Miriam Lauter, Masha Westerlund, Liina Pylkkanen) [paper]

  • 2014. The semantics of modification: Adjectives, nouns, and order. NYU dissertation, directed by Chris Barker. [pdf]

  • 2014. Pronominal F-markers in Basa'a. Proceedings of NELS 43. (with Radek Simik and Marta Wierzba) [paper]

  • 2011. Nonrestrictive adjectives and the theory of scalar implicature. [handout] and [poster] from GLOW 35.

  • 2012. Modality and future reference in Masalit. Selected Proceedings of ACAL 42,221-230. [paper]

  • 2011. English proximal/distal non-deictic demonstratives align with hearer-new/hearer-old information status. Snippets 23:9-10. [paper]

  • 2011. Focus constructions in Masalit. Syntax qualifying paper, New York University. [paper]