I'm a postdoctoral scholar in Margaret Gardel's laboratory in the Institute for Biophysical Dynamics, the James Franck Institute and the Department of Physics at the University of Chicago.

My interests lie at the junction of cell biology, physics, computational biology and biomedical engineering, with an emphasis on how the cytoskeleton regulates force generation in processes like adhesion and migration.

Moving this Fall!

I'm excited to announce that I'll be starting my own lab this fall at the University of Rochester as part of the department of Physics & Astronomy.

Postdoctoral positions are available! The lab will be strongly interdisciplinary with collaborations in both the Department of Biology and the University of Rochester Medical Center. People with backgrounds in any of physics/biology/engineering are encouraged to apply. Contact me via email (please include a CV) for details.

Recent Publications

Micron-scale plasma membrane curvature is recognized by the septin cytoskeleton
Bridges AA, Maximilian SJ, Oakes PW, Occhipinti P, Gladfelter AS
J Cell Biol, 213(1):23-32 (2016)
PDF | PMID: 27044896
    (In the same issue see Comment:
     Septins recognize micron-scale membrane curvature,
     Lobato-Márquez D & Mostowy S)

Patrick Oakes

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